Home education podcasts

I’ve been listening to Home ed voices podcast and like hearing of different families approaches to home ed as well as some excellent resource suggestions…*must not buy more books*. This doesn’t interest the children too much, but it’s been good company when I manage to grab a cuppa or while I’m making dinner! We’ve recently discovered the ‘Home ed matters‘ podcast and have enjoyed listening to another families home education journey! It’s nice to hear about home ed life from the child’s perspective too.

We suggested maybe we should try to record our own and S was very enthusiastic. We decided to give it a go today as we were hiding indoors due to Storm Ciara and it seemed the perfect opportunity, even despite the slight drip from the ceiling under the flat roof in the kitchen…note to self sort out roofer to come and look at the roof!

Podcasting from the kitchen with orange tea towel to catch the drip!

S wrote a little plan of some topics she wanted to talk about and briefed her sisters on their parts. There was a *small* falling out about the singing at the end! So here is our first episode of The Kid Podcast. We posted it to You Tube with some photos, which is probably not strictly a podcast…but screw the rules 😂