Baby I’m back…with a baby

Isn’t life busy? I started this blog and then life I wanted to write about got in the way!

Anyway, we are now a family of 6 as we welcomed a baby boy to our family in September. He is a very happy (not so little) soul! Born at 10lb7 and continuing to grow like a weed, he has a collection of adoring fans in his sisters.

We now have two children who are home educated; S, age 7, who would be in year 2 and A, age 5, who would be in year 1.

S pleased to finish making her Frozen lego!

S is mostly found with her head in a book and is a voracious reader zipping through the pile of books from the library at breakneck speed! She also likes to write her own stories and illustrate them. Her current aspirations are to be a vet or a fashion designer/brand owner, although she tells me she isn’t sure about being a vet as she has a little phobia of blood currently!

A on the ice sculpture trail

A has not started reading independently yet, but can blend words with help and recognise some words by sight. I’m grateful that home education means that we can take the time until she is ready to learn to read and she doesn’t have the pressure of needing to read to access learning. She is interested to find out about all the projects we are working on and often likes to make a craft or do something hands on associated with the topic. With this in mind I’ve have been planning some science sessions that I will be holding soon, where we are going to be doing some hands on experiments and projects to do with the human body to start with. I will write some seperate posts about those too! A is very caring and makes sure everyone is included in the play when we are at groups. She has great attention to small details and is great at spotting nature treasures when we are out and about. She attends dancing lessons by herself now and I think it’s good for her to do something by herself as she is usually always found with at least one sibling!

K playing the sock game at the board game fair

K is no longer a toddler and fast developing into a spirited and bright pre-‘schooler’! She will always let you know her opinion on the matter at hand. She is no pushover and can easily hold her own with her sisters. She has taken a great interest and care in colouring recently. She always wants to be included with our daily activities and has been enjoying working on writing K with chalk recently. She loves cats, pink and dresses that twirl. Her summer was spent wearing sandals, regardless of the rain, and the winter finds her in her snowboots teamed with a summer dress 😂

Here is to another full and fun year, where is resolve to keep this blog updated with our adventures!

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