The progress so far

We are *still* waiting for our garden office to arrive (I’m more impatient than a kid waiting for Christmas!), but before it does we need to sort out the area of the garden where it will be sited! We spent the Bank holiday weekend sorting new shed bases and moving the shed and playhouse.

First step was to dig down to make a flat level for the shed base. S and A had a great time helping with their trowels.

We put some of the soil into the raised beds that we also had to move to make space. 

We used the Ecodek system with a plastic grid as the base for the shed rather than the traditional concrete or slabs. DIY is not our strong point, although we muddle through with a mixture of YouTube and information gleaned from watching too many home renovation programs! The plastic base system seemed the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

As you can see, the cardboard box was much more fun to play in by this point in the day! 

We took the Sunday afternoon off to go to a birthday party for S and A’s friend with Mr S heading off to catch up with some old Uni friends in Manchester afterwards.

We called in reinforcements to help with moving the buildings and they made short work of moving the shed. 

The girls playhouse is a log cabin type design so we had to lever and slide it as it can’t be dismantled easily. It made it safely after some minor readjustments!

The next task is removing the decking and then seeing what the state of the concrete slab underneath is in. We may need some more help from YouTube for concrete tips!   

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