And the final decision is…

This week we received notification of the allocation of Primary school places. We applied for a place for S as we had not made a 100% decision when the application deadline came around. I ended up logging in to our online system at around 2am as K was having an unsettled night and I was up feeding her! She was offered a place at the first choice school we picked, but the first choice school is not the first choice for us. The decision has been made now and we will be home educating S! 

I’m excited about the prospect, but also scared. Although I believe home education is right for her and our family, it’s still difficult to break the mould and do something different. It’s scary to be wholly responsible for her education, although in reality we have been since she was born. 

We have been putting some thought and discussion into our thoughts on an ‘educational  philosophy’. After reading around online and considering how S seems to enjoy learning currently I think we will follow a broadly unstructured approach following her interests. I see us completing small projects, perhaps in the form of lapbooks, on her interests and draw in writing, reading and maths concepts into these as appropriate. S enjoys some structured activities, such as worksheets, and likes adult-led activities. I think the unstructured approach allows the flexibility for her to follow her interests and fits in with her desire for some directed activities. We will also take up opportunities as they arise with our local home ed community. We already attend a home ed social meet up and a PE class as a regular part of our week, along with other activities with other families as they happen. I’m sure our approach will change over time as S grows and A, and eventually K, join us ‘officially’. 

We have been looking into extending the house for a year or so, but couldn’t really come up with the best plan that we felt worked for us. After Mr S made a remark about building our own tiny home in the garden after watching one too many tiny home videos on YouTube, the idea of a garden office came up. I think having an additional room to have as an education space will be useful, even to at least store the ever expanding craft drawer! After having a look at several options online and a trip to the garden centre on Monday, we have ordered one to be delivered in 6-8 weeks! 

The one we have ordered is similar to this, but we went with a pale blue/grey paint finish and ours will be slightly wider than the one pictured.

We have to move a shed and a playhouse, and remove our decking to make space for it, so that’s the next couple of weekends filled with jobs. Mr S made a great start this weekend in removing the duck pen (unfortunately we lost the ducks to a fox attack in January) to make space for the shed and playhouse. I’ve ordered plastic shed base tiles, as a base for the shed and playhouse once moved, which seem to be easy to install even for the DIY-challenged such as us! I’m hoping it’s as easy as the video looked…

This is the view currently and garden office will go across the back where the shed and playhouse currently sit. I will keep the blog updated with the developments as they happen! 

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  1. Ooh the summer house looks lovely. How exciting about deciding to home ed. It will be lovely to do it right from the outset as it will flow naturally and her interests can really be explored without bias. I’ve been homeschooling my 7yr/o since Feb and have been trying to do a period of unschooling as she’s already so immersed in how things ‘should’ be done. I’ve shared this post on Twitter because I like how you mentioned about it being difficult stepping away from the norm even though you know it’s right for your family. 🙂


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