Easter week round up

Last week was the build up to Easter and the Bank holiday weekend.

We popped to the library after visiting the post office on Monday to return some books (overdue again!) and pick out some new books for the next couple of weeks. There was Easter egg colouring set up and the girls had fun colouring and chatting with other children. S decided to cut them out and stick them in a nest on a tree when we got home. 

S also made this lovely caterpillar picture on Tuesday. She came up with the idea all by herself and asked me for the materials she needed. We counted all the legs she’d drawn on and worked on doubling the number on one side to get the total.

On Wednesday morning I spotted a newly emerged fly on one of the bottle cloches over the Okra seedlings. We watched its wings dry out and pump up. The abdomen changed colour as well. I had a look online to try to identify what type of fly it was with the girls help and decided it was a type of hoverfly. I loved that we could take the time to observe nature in action and learn together. 

In the afternoon, I set up sensory play with tapioca pearls. The girls really enjoyed it and I think we will do this again, although maybe outside next time! 

We made our decorated eggs on Thursday and I let the girls pick an animal to make in egg form from inspiration on Pinterest. S picked a chick and A picked a rabbit. We stuck tissue paper to the polystrene eggs, let them dry and then added the features. S did most of it herself and I gave A some help in cutting out the ears etc. 

We dyed eggs on Friday ready for bashing them following the Greek tradition that we have inherited from Mr S’s mother. We used natural dyes from Okonorm and put them in the water as we hardboiled the eggs. Here is a little video of the girls bashing their eggs on Easter Sunday. 

One person says “Christ is risen” and the other person says “Indeed he is”. Then we take it in turns to bash one egg on top of each other. The egg which doesn’t crack is the winner. We can then eat the broken egg, so it’s a win win really!

Saturday was Mr S’s birthday and we had friends over for a BBQ. It was a little chilly and very windy, but we still had a good day. Lots of yummy food and great company! 

We went to church on Sunday morning and then attended the ‘Eggstravaganza’ in the parish centre afterwards. There was an Easter egg hunt outside and the decorated eggs were judged. S won second place and got a big Easter egg as a prize. We are buried under chocolate here!

We had an indoor egg hunt at home too in the afternoon and I made a Greek-inspired Easter feast for dinner. K loved all the food and made lots of ‘nom nom’ noises! 

Following the typical British tradition, we visited the garden centre on Bank holiday Monday to have a look round at garden offices. We have been looking into them to use as a home education space, somewhat inspired by Mr S’s love of watching ‘tiny home’ videos on YouTube. Currently we usually set up craft/learning activities at the kitchen table, but these have to be tidied away for meals. The toy storage is taking over the living room too, despite my best efforts in reducing the number of toys and organising everything. I think it will be good to have a space that we can leave projects and tasks set up, although obviously there education will take place all the time as we go about our day as well. I’m excited to design the space for us all to use!

We picked up a couple of plants for the garden after we got quotes and brochures. 

Next week will be back to normal with our regular home ed group on Wednesday. I think we will make a start on making the display for our Science fair project about plants this week by making a labelled plant diagram. 

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