Must try harder…

I’ve not managed to update for ages as life had generally got in the way! K has been sleeping terribly; both at night and during the day, not leaving me much chance to write longer posts. I occasionally grab a second or two to post something up on Instagram though. I think maybe I will not aim to write something everyday as I feel like I’ve failed when I don’t manage it and I often feel I’ve failed at getting things done as it is! The house is never tidy, I never reach the bottom of the washing pile, I worry I’m not doing enough things with the children, I worry about worrying….😂 

Anyway in the 20 days I’ve not posted we’ve been up to lots of fun things! K has mastered sitting and is quickly progressing in her crawling practice. She has taken to weaning with the same enthusiasm as her sisters did and is doing well despite not having any teeth yet. S continues to progress in moving towards reading and loves writing out things by copying me or with me telling her the letters. Her drawing has progressed too and her favourite thing to draw currently is flowers. A has started to ask more about letters and recognises that her name starts with A. She has started to draw smiley faces as part of her pictures. They play very involved imaginary games together with their little figures and dolls.

The better weather recently has meant we could get back in the garden and enjoying the fresh air. I love being able to be outside without having to get three lots of coats, hats, gloves etc on before we go out. 

We have been looking at life cycles now that it is Spring and both girls have enjoyed putting the life stages into order. I went crazy with the laminator and some sticky-back velcro to make up the life cycle sets! 

We’ve been looking at the parts of plants and what they need to grow. We planted some vegetable seeds, which will go up to the allotment once they get bigger.

The next couple of weeks we will continue looking at plants and Spring. Easter crafts will also feature I think, we already made chick masks this week.

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