Day 30…

Day 30 of our #100daysofhomeed and we were back home now. We walked up to the post office to collect a parcel we had missed while we were away. It was the new Zelda game, Breath of the wild, for Mr S to play on his new Switch. S already has plans to play it with him as they played through Zelda Twilight Princess together. She loves the characters and solving the puzzles. Mr S reads out the dialogue, sometimes with funny voices, which makes it an entertaining experience for us all! 

We walked back through the ’empty’ park. The girls had a race and A found herself some mini pinecones.

S spent quite awhile today playing with this leapfrog writing toy. She enjoys writing and her letters are generally legible, although her letter formation isn’t standard. I don’t want to discourage her writing to force correct formation, but I also don’t want her to get into habits which will make writing harder in the future. It’s like she read my mind as this toy encourages correct letter formation by following the lights with the pen. Hopefully she will continue to form the letters properly on paper too.

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