Day 24…

Day 24 of our #100daysofhomeed and today was our weekly home ed group. This week’s theme was Books for World Book day on Thursday.

S and A went straight to the craft table. A made a very quick picture before running off to play in the pretend kitchen and kept me well fed and watered while I helped S. The suggestion was to make a book and I asked if S would like to. She decided to make a book titled ‘ The piggy’. She drew pictures of the piggy doing various things and I wrote the words for her to copy.

The girls played with the other kids and A took herself off for a chat with some older girls. I sometimes think A doesn’t realise she is only 2 and she is very confident to join in and make friends with any children. Her and S are a complete contrast with S being more confident with adults (A gives new adults the Paddington hard stare!). 

We had more outdoor fun in the afternoon as the girls wanted to go bird watching in the garden. They were a bit noisy to be very successful though!

Some signs of spring have been spotted in our garden, here’s hoping for nice weather soon.

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