Day 23…

Day 23 of our #100daysofhomeed and today was an impromptu snow day! The girls wanted to feel the snow falling and stuck their hands out of the back door to touch it as it started to snow.

It was pancake day and S had asked to have blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I was very happy to oblige! 

We rushed out after breakfast to enjoy the snow in the garden. S and A enjoyed throwing snowballs at each other. They tried to make a snowman, but there wasn’t enough snow and it was too wet to stick together. The snow didn’t last long and was replaced by rain fairly quickly, but we had fun while it lasted!

We got a fossil digging kit from the museum gift shop and S asked to have a go in the afternoon.

The set came with a plaster block containing real fossils, a little wooden chisel and a stiff paintbrush. S used a hammer while I held the chisel to break into the plaster. My hand got hammered a couple of time too 😲 A helped cleared off the plaster with the paintbrush.

We got a good selection of fossils inside; a shark tooth, brachiopod, crinoid stem and, S’s favourite, an ammonite.  

We looked up what a crinoid was online as we didn’t know what the whole creature would have looked like. We found out they are also known as feather stars and similar creatures still exist today. 

Mr S made Dutch-style bacon pancakes when he got home from work and we had those for dinner.


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