Day 22…

Day 22 of our #100daysofhomeed and Mr S was off work today. We had a busy day today, but it was a really fun family day! 

We went to Manchester museum as S has been asking to go back after we went a couple of months ago. She is very interested in dinosaurs and fossils, especially ammonites! 

Both girls were also really interested in the vivarium section this time. They loved spotting the frogs amongst the leaves and branches. There were tadpoles and baby frogs on display too, which S has learnt about from her ‘Growing frogs’ book. We also saw the chameleon and talked about camouflage. 

We looked at the whale skeleton and talked about the skeleton of the flippers. I showed S that the flippers are like our hands and we counted the digits to see that they also have four fingers and a thumb. I have been introducing the concepts of evolution and the features of the categories of animals. 

After our trip to the museum Mr S had a hospital appointment and the plan was for me to take all the kids to the Whitworth art gallery while he was there. A fell asleep in the carrier on Mr S’s back on the way there, so she went with him for his appointment instead. 

Me, S and K picked up an art picnic basket and set ourselves in one of the galleries to make some art.

K enjoyed herself on my makeshift playmat too! I love the flooring in this gallery and I would love something similar when we *eventually* get round to sorting out our living room. 

We had a look round the gallery and talked about what sculpture was. We also saw the Andy Warhol Camoflage piece which I linked into the chameleon camoflage we talked about earlier. 

We met Mr S at the hospital and went home. It was a long day, but we saw so many new things and I think it will help inspire some future activities over the coming weeks. 

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  1. QuirkyMama says:

    Looks good. I may have to plan a trip there. 🙂


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