Day 20…

Day 20 of our #100daysofhomeed and it’s the weekend again. Saturday started with S investigating the measuring cylinders I had bought. She made towers with them and noticed how they fit inside each other.

S has been showing an interest in maths recently. She has been spontaneously adding numbers; she added up the football score as Mr S was telling about what happened in the game he had watched. I’m hoping this will be a sign that she will enjoy maths, an area I’ve always found more difficult. The Cuisenaire rods have arrived, so I may introduce those next week. Initially I think I will allow free investigation with them, perhaps demonstrating building structures or pictures with them. 

Mr S helped A and S make juice from some of the fruit which has got a bit too ripe. They helped to chop the banana and to load the fruit into the juicer. They really enjoy watching the juicer at work! 

Pineapple, grapefruit and banana juice was very delicious!


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