Day 16…

Day 16 of our #100daysofhomeed and we met with some friends from my Facebook due date group for K at Sealife Manchester. 

It’s half term near us at the moment so it was busy as expected. The girls really enjoyed it, although getting round with K in the pram was a bit difficult with so many people. I think maybe we will revisit during term time, when the price is alot cheaper(!), as although the girls saw everything I didn’t get much chance to talk with them about the exhibits fully.

The turtle talk was a big hit and the girls were amazed by the light show with the glowing green mummy turtle! The photo doesn’t do it justice…

They loved checking out the fish, including the tunnel with all the ‘Nemo’ fish.

The lights flickering through the water were a big hit with K. It was her first time in the seat, rather than the carry cot and she seemed to like sitting up to see the world.

We are proud parents to a girl and a boy turtle. The talk explained how turtle sex is determined via the temperature the egg is incubated at; the lower temperature for a boy and higher for a girl. The egg measured your hand temperature and then said boy or girl. With my hands on it came up girl, after having 3 girls that wasn’t a shock 😂 The girls had a go together and had a boy. 

Daddy got a full report of the days activities when he got home. I think I will try to extend the visit with some videos about sea creatures and maybe activities if the girls seem interested. 

This was also a learning experience for me as it was my first long drive on the motorway with the kids. I passed my test last April at the grand old age of 29! I wanted to build my confidence with driving (and the dreaded parking!) before venturing on the motorway and its taken a while to get on with it  what with struggling to reach the wheel with a bump or needing to be on call for boob-monster K. I felt ok on the motorway and even switched lanes. It’s all good practice for when we go away for my mum’s 50th in a couple of weeks.

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