Day 15…

Day 15 of our #100daysofhomeed and we had a great day today. First stop of the morning was a trip to the library to return some books and pick a new selection. A picked several Dinosaur-based story books and they both selected ‘Picken’ for Karina. S has fun with it too and I showed her about combining the words for the mixed up animals. S recognised the word ‘daddy’ in another book and was able to pick our ‘fire’ and ‘help’ on subsequent pages after I had read them to her.

We had arranged to go for a walk, but A started falling  asleep next to me while I was reading and took herself for a nap when I have gave her the choice of going for our walk or for a nap. Both A and K went for a nap, so me and S did a sewing craft together. S got these little pencil toppers as a gift when she went to visit Santa, but we hadn’t got round to making them. S seems to enjoy seeing and I may progress this on with some aida cloth soon. 

Then we made a banana and chocolate cake from a recipe in the free co-operative magazine. It was delicious and it will definitely be going in my recipe book for the future!

S was happy to draw while I tidied up. She did some independent writing to accompany her pictures and then asked me to spell out some words for her to write. I used the wooden letters I got a little while ago. I’m using them as a movable alphabet as suggested by Montesorri. She enjoyed copying the words that she had asked for. I might have to buy more of these letters for longer words and as spares when some inevitably disappear at some point! 

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