Day 13…

Day 13 of #100daysofhomeed and it’s the weekend again. We went for a pub lunch and then played in the beer garden. I really like this pub as it’s kid-friendly, they have kid-sized cutlery and the play equipment is great! 

S has never been the most confident child at the gross motor skills and has always favoured fine motor skills. She struggled with this play park in summer and was not confident on it, even with assistance. She asked Mr S to help her to start with, but suddenly she then did it all by herself. I was really impressed! I’m so glad she is gaining confidence now in her movement as I think she often worries about ‘getting it wrong’ and this holds her back. 

A is the complete opposite and is a confident mover, sometimes a bit over-confident as she can be a little accident-prone! She’s currently sporting a massive bruise on her eyebrow after a scootering accident on Friday. 

The girls decided they wanted to play hide and seek, a game A still hasn’t quite got the hang of! They enjoyed it anyway and S found a super hiding spot in a bush. 

I bought a soap making kit from the aisle of joy (or crap…depending on your view!) from Aldi a couple of weeks ago. We made bath bombs a few months back and I thought S might like to make soap too. It was really simple; just melting the soap base and adding colour and rose fragrance. 

S enjoyed helping with the mixing and deciding how much colour to add. We used the soaps at bath time that evening and they smelt nice even if they didn’t foam up very much. 



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