Day 12…

Day 12 of #100daysof homeed was Friday…and i’m writing this on Monday.*must try harder*

The big girls were off to the childminders today. We chatted on the way there about the birds and the signs of spring we could see. The girls spotted primroses in two gardens on the way and asked what the flowers were called.

I just had K for most of the day and we had a lovely time playing while I waited in for a delivery in the morning. She’s trying to get more mobile and has perfected a shuffle on her back now. I remember when I only had S at a similar age and it was hard work…now one, mostly non-mobile baby seems a holiday in many ways! I saw a baby massage course advertised and decided to sign me and K up. I thought it would be nice time to spend with K and a chance to chat with other people, sometimes chatting at groups while supervising three kids is a bit difficult as I sometimes have to run off mid-conversation! 

I ordered a selection of Montesorri-inspired home education books and the first one arrived on Friday. 

I first came across the Montesorri philosophy from the book ‘Growing up sew liberated’. The book has some beautiful sewing patterns (which was my reason for buying the book originally), but also some background to the philosophy and how the items fit into this. I have tried to follow some of the ideals of Montesorri since then. I think the early years of home education will probably incorporate Montesorri and I’ve started to acquire or plan to make some of the resources, such as sandpaper letters and number and movable alphabet. S has already begun to write and trying to read, but I still feel these will be valuable to her in practising letter formation and learning to read. Obviously A and K will also make use of them in time too. 

S made this bear today while she was at the childminders. She hasn’t used these type of beads before, but enjoyed them so we may get some in the future.

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