Day 11…

Day 11 of #100days ofhomeed  and Thursday was another nice day weatherwise, so we headed to our local country park. I love it when the weather starts to hint at the beginning of Spring and the chance to spend more time outside. It makes me feel so much brighter, optimistic and motivated! 

We fed the ducks and geese, who are very brave and will come right up to your feet. S told me which ones were daddy ducks and which were mummy ducks. She asked about baby ducks and I explained we would have to wait a couple of months before they would arrive. We talked about how the eggs are laid in a nest and that the parents incubate them until the chicks are ready to hatch out.  

We bumped into my aunt and uncle and walked and chatted with them for a little bit. It wasn’t the longest walk as A was tired and started to grumble! We headed to the small visitor’s centre and we had a look round, while we waited for a seat in the cafe. S was very insistent that we were having a toastie from the cafe for lunch! 

We spotted all the different colours of fish and tried to identify the natural items in the touchy feely boxes.

Back at home, S drew a picture of ducks on a pond. She drew a brown one for a female and a green one as a male.

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