Day 9 and 10…

Two days in one of our #100daysofhomeed. I was off to bed early yesterday after succumbing to the virus that all the kids have had!

The girls made Valentine’s cards for me and Mr S over the couple of days before and liked receiving theirs yesterday. The girls mostly played during the day and had a great time making music on the giant floor piano. K managed to roll back to front for the first time too!
I set up this little craft invitation while I made dinner and both the girls enjoyed sticking. S wrote all our names around the heart with my help telling her which letters she needed. 

Today we were all feeling alot better and went along to our regular home ed group. The theme was colour and shape, which fitted in great with the shape work I’ve been doing with S and colours with A. 

The girls decorated these shape boxes and we made the shape picture together. S remembered how many sides various shapes have and their names. 

The weather was lovely and they both played with rainbow cloud dough outside too.

We went for lunch and a play at the home ed session at soft play this afternoon. The girls all had a great time and K experienced the jumparoo for the first time. She loves to be bounced on her feet and jump at the moment so it was perfect for her. A fell asleep in the car and has stayed asleep on the sofa, she’s definitely all played out! 

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