Day 6…

Day 6 of #100daysofhomeed and We tried out a new board game today, Carcassonne. Mr S’s sister and brother-in-law sent it for Christmas and we finally got round to trying it out! The game is designed for ages 10+, but the girls got the basic concepts of putting the tiles down to complete roads and settlements. They like the little wooden people too! A quickly lost interest as she doesn’t have the longest attention span as she’s only 3 in May. We didn’t reach the end of the game, but I think me and Mr S might give it a go later as its for 2+ players. We weren’t sure of the rules so I think a couple of child-free rounds might help! 

S wanted to make Valentine’s cards, so she got Mr S to help her making one for me. A did some stickers to make her own as well. 

Mr S plays guitar and S helped him change the strings today. They talked about the different sounds the strings make and how the different strings are different  thicknesses and have letter names. She was very interested in how the pitch changed as he tightened them to their correct tension. Now he has all his strings again, he can now continue to play various songs from the Zelda game series for us. S has a great memory for them and can identify which game they are from!  

I made Bourekia me anari, a Cypriot pastry treat, made with anari cheese which is similar to ricotta. My mother-in-law sent it this week, along with Cypriot oregano as I had run out. It’s the first time I had made these and I made the mistake of following the recipe quantities. All Greek or Cypriot recipes always make enough for the whole street to have some! They are very yummy though so it’s no great loss that we have enough to feed the five thousand. 


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