Day 5…

On Fridays S and A go to a childminders, who happen to be planning to home educate their daughter too! They went there while I was working and really enjoy themselves so we have continued to send them one day a week since K arrived. It gives me chance to spend time with K (and get the family shop done!) and I think they benefit from some time with different adults. 

I’ve also been finishing reading ‘Anything school can do, you can do better’ by Màire Mullarney, which I borrowed from our local library. It’s been a really interesting read about a families journey with Montesorri-inspired home education. Although the children were educated at home during the 60s and 70s, the book still feels relevant today. She describes the different approaches she used with each of her children and how this evolved and changed. It also has an update on what her children are doing now as adults, something which increases my confidence, as they have generally been successful and fulfilled in their lives it seems. 

The book has inspired me to look into some Montesorri-type resources, such as sandpaper letters and Cuisenaire rods to use. 

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