Day 4…

S told me that ‘this word is zoo because it has a z and oo, which makes a long ooo sound’. I’m so proud! I think this is the first word she has read herself without simply remembering what the word looks like. I’m in no rush to push her into reading before she is ready so I will continue to be led by her with this. She has had an interest in letters for over a year and we talk about the letter names and their sounds often. Her interst has more been focused on writing and forming letters rather than reading herself until now. I’ve begun to introduce that some pairs of letters, such as ch sh th and oo, have sounds in the past couple of months when she has asked about certain words or asked to write a word containing these pairs. 

You may notice from the picture that this little book is also in Greek. The girls are 1/4 Greek, 1/4 Dutch and 1/2 British. Their Oma (who is Greek, but goes by the Dutch word for grandma…confused yet!) sent this talking book for the girls. It’s nice for them to hear some Greek, although my husband doesn’t speak any Greek so if the girls show more interest in learning Greek we might have to start some Skype lessons with Oma! 

Today was a relaxed home day after yesterday’s busy day. We went over to the local bakery and S asked for what she wanted by herself. There was some lovely imaginative games throughout the day and we read a section of the human body book about babies and growing up. 

A matched up the duplo animals with the ones in this Elmer book from the library. K was very interested in it and A loves to talk to and show her things. 

Just before bed the girls put on a little puppet show with finger puppets at the end of our bed. It was lovely to hear their little stories played out with the characters. Excuse the massive clean washing pile in the background! 🙊

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