Day 3…

Day 3 of our #100daysofhomeed and we were out at our local home ed meet-up this morning. S and A went straight to the craft table to make Valentine’s cards. S put a D for Daddy on hers. 

S cooperated with some other children constructing a gears set and then made this little scene with some of the other pieces. A was playing with the giant lego and taking rides in the back of the bug trike. The girls are comfortable and making friends now at the group. It’s nice to see them playing nicely with older and younger kids. Socialisation was one one of our concerns in choosing home ed, but with our local home ed community being an active one I feel less concerned. 

We had a *very* chilly picnic on the nearby park before heading to swimming with friends. They offered that we could join them so I could take all three swimming as it’s a 1:2 ratio at the pool. It was K’s first time and she loved it. We stayed in an hour and even braved a dunk under a couple of times! We were all tired  after swimming, so snuggled up with a film when we got home.

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