Day two…

Day two of our #100daysofhomeed. This morning began with some lego creations, this one is a garden. We also read lots of books, including  ‘wow said the owl’ (working on colours with A as she seems to have forgotten them all recently!) and the sea reptiles section of the dinosaur book we borrowed from the library (S is currently into dinosaurs I’m a big way). 

We had a walk up to the post box to send the card S made yesterday. We stopped at a road sign on the way so we could discuss the letters and sound out the words. S sounded out the first part of the word ‘road’ and I think she is beginning to understand the blending of the sounds of letters. She recognised the same road name further along too and we talked about our address, which is something we’ve been talking about recently too.

S and A had their dance class this afternoon, but I left my phone at home so didn’t get a photo! They both enjoy the class, although sometimes A needs some encouragement to join in and stop admiring herself in the mirrors! It’s a nice social experience for the girls too, both with other children and the dance teacher; S especially likes to chat with her!

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