I saw on a couple of groups the idea of posting pictures of what you’ve been up to in your home ed day for 100 days. I think this has been in response to an article in the British press about a home ed family who use video games as part of their home ed strategy or let their kids play games all day rather than them going to school….(depending on if you take the press article at face value!). The idea seems to be to combat the negative with positive images hopefully showing the wider community that home ed can take many forms and challenge people’s preconceptions. 

My eldest is not yet compulsory school age and wouldn’t be due to start school till September, so perhaps we don’t *really* count as a home ed family until then, but I like the idea so I’m crashing the party! 

Today started with Grimms rainbow play. We got the rainbow for Christmas and it’s been in daily use since, despite my husband’s initial questioning about why I had bought some ‘expensive bit of wood’.

S was making flowers and using it to run the balls along it. It is used both in construction and in more artistic interpretations too. 

We went for a walk to the ’empty park’ as S calls it due to its lack of play equipment. We needed some fresh air and it’s my new mission to get us out of the house everyday now. I’ve been lax in getting us out recently with the winter weather and a new born baby, but everyone is in a much better mood after some fresh air! 

S made a card for a friend’s birthday in the afternoon. I suggested that the birthday boy might like a dinosaur on his card and I love S’s drawing. She also wrote the inside of the card with me telling her the letters required. This is the first big chunk of writing she done recently after being very focused on it before Christmas. I’m happy to be led by her and leave it to her to initiate when the desire takes her. 

So that was day one of 100 days of home ed for us!

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