Baby (and toddler) wearing

I bought a Connecta carrier for K when she was around a month old after struggling to get a good position with a stretchy wrap. I had previously used my stretchy wrap carrier when A was small so I could be hands-free at playgroups and soft play with S, as she was 18 months when A was born and often needed my help. Despite being experienced with the wrap, I wasn’t happy with the position of K and decided to try out a Connecta carrier. It’s been a great success with K comfy and her head better supported with the hood attachment. 

I thought I would let A have a try with a back carry in the Connecta and she loved it! I was surprised as she hadn’t been worn since she was around 12 months. Fast forward three months and A often wants to be carried when she gets tired (or has an attack of laziness!).

This is fine, but sometimes I’m already carrying K! When we are out with Mr S too, we decided it would be good to have another carrier to allow us to both carry easily. I spotted an advert on Facebook for Nova baby carriers and found a pattern I liked! I went for a classic full buckle, which is very similar to a Connecta in design.

I decided to go for a toddler carrier with a maximum weight of 20kg to see us through A (and K’s) toddler years. It arrived this morning and A wanted to have a go straight away. 

A approves! Trying to get a selfie where you can see the carrier was difficult and S is not the world’s best photographer, so please excuse the blurry photos 😂 A clip-on smartphone fisheye lens, that I got with My Little Box a couple of months ago, came in handy to give a slightly better view.

I like the in built ties for the straps to roll them up out of the way. The straps are comfy and the carrier feels really well made. Just waiting for Mr S to come home so he can try it out too as he will probably be using it regularly when we are out together. 

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