M is for mirror book

I saw a blog post about mirror books while researching the Spielgaben set (I love the idea of the Spielgaben set, but I need to research it more before commiting to buy as it’s quite an investment!). I had an A4 sized plastic mirror in my craft stash from an Alice in Wonderland-themed miniature garden project a couple of years ago, so I decided to get it out. I cut and snapped it in half and joined the pieces with duct tape. 

The wooden shapes I ordered arrived this morning and S has been enjoying experimenting making various patterns and pictures with them. We discussed the names for the shapes and the number of sides they have too. 

I showed her how the shape was reflected and how this changed if she moved the sides of the mirror in or out. 

A was more interested in having a chat with the extra versions of herself using the mirror book. She seemed to enjoy the extra perspectives she could see.

I let K have a go during tummy time too, but I’m not sure if it was any better than a regular flat mirror for her! 

The mirror book has been a hit so far and I think we will come back to it to discuss symmetry and other concepts in the future. 

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