S is for spiders 

S  picked the letter S on Tuesday. We talked about what starts with the letter S and she told me her name. We then talked about animals and can up with slugs, snails, squirrels and spiders that live in our garden. I remembered a spider craft we had leftover from a Toucan box. I used to get the Toucan boxes for S since she was around 2, But I stopped them recently as we started to get boxes we had already done and we had a selection we hadn’t done yet. I’m thinking of maybe getting a different craft subscription for her next birthday.

The spider craft started with making spider webs by rolling a paint covered marble over paper.

While these dried we made handptiny spiders. The girls asked for spiders with red legs! 

We left it all to dry until the afternoon, when we cut out the spiders (with some help) and stuck them into the webs. We added eyes too!

We went to try out baby ballet too today. The girls loved it, even with the fire alarm interruption! We had to go outside in the middle of the class which involved some juggling of the kids as I had just started feeding K when it went off! We will go again next week I think as they really enjoyed the dancing. 


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