T is for trees

We picked out the letter T and as it is now autumn we decided to do a tree-based craft. I’ve been scanning Pinterest for various preschool craft and teaching ideas.  We started by drawing around the girls hand to make the tree trunks and branches. We then used finger paints in various leaf colours: Orange,…

D is for dressing up and dancing

A picked out the letter D. S had trouble identifying it and we went through b, p and q before we got there. The shape of these letters makes life difficult!  We went to playgroup in the morning and saw some friends. It was great to have a chat and get out of the house….

S is for spiders 

S  picked the letter S on Tuesday. We talked about what starts with the letter S and she told me her name. We then talked about animals and can up with slugs, snails, squirrels and spiders that live in our garden. I remembered a spider craft we had leftover from a Toucan box. I used…

P is for post and play

A picked the letter P on Monday. We had a walk up to the post box to post some letters and say Hi to the ponies in the field. We then played in the garden until daddy came home from work.