First day flying solo!

Today Stephan went back to work after having two and half weeks paternity leave after little K arrived! I decided before she arrived that I would try to do at least one learning activity a day to give us some structure and to prepare S for starting school next year. 

I decided to base the activity on a ‘letter of the day’ and get the kids to pick a letter out at random each day then come up with an activity based on the letter. Today we coloured in letters to use to pick our letter everyday. 

After we coloured them in, I cut them out and laminated them so they should survive the kids! 

S wanted to pick the letter today and she picked out Z. S had been to the zoo this weekend and when I asked her if she could think of any words beginning with Z she said zebra. We decided to draw a zebra as our activity. 

S started by drawing stripes on the page and then asked me to draw the zebra outline for her. She added eyes, mouth, grass and sky. We sounded out the word and spelt it out with our letters. She then wrote out the letters to spell zebra.

Today has gone well so far! The big girls have gone for a nap and little K is sleeping in my arms! I should probably put her down, but newborn snuggles are just too lovely. 

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